Direct Sound is one of the leaders in the professional headphone business. Their products are frequently seen being worn by famous music artists like Stevie Wonder, Adam Levine, and Britney Spears. 

Direct Sound wanted a direct to consumer approach to their business model that allowed everyday people to quickly get their hands on some of the best headphones money can buy. 


Direct Sound had a huge issue before Altimize came along, and that issue is critical for any online retailer.....they did not have a mobile optimized website. 

Altimize created a custom mobile website for Direct Sound that is tailored towards increasing their online conversions. Products are now easy to find and payment is seamless and easy to use. 


Like almost any online retailer, communication with customers is a top priority. The way customers communicate with their favorite brands is also changing. Gone are the days of sending an email to a store's "info@" email address and waiting days for a reply. 

We integrated business chat into Direct Sound's online website which allows customers to directly text message with the store in real time, while also providing Direct Sound with a uniquely branded customer experience. 

When a custom selects the "chat now" icon on the website, the customer is taken to the iMessage tab on their phone. From there, they will see the Direct Sound logo pre-populated in the header of the text message. When a customer sends a message, the store is notified immediately and can answer in real time. 

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